Castle Bullachberg was built in 1905 on the Bullach-mountain in the middle of the plain and in front of the world-famous Royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau by Eugene Drollinger (1858-1930) for the Munich enterpriser Emil Papenhagen and was acquired in 1927 by Rafael Prince of Thurn and Taxis who lived here with his family up to his death in 1996.”

The castle has about 900 m ² living space and is  stylistically Jugendstil (Art Nouveau). It stands under conservation of monuments and historic buildings and has also a small chapel beside living rooms manorial.

In 2002 the law had given the permission to build a 5-star hotel on feet of the Bullach mountain. Because of the prominent situation of the castle with the royal castles several years of the political discussion followed, also in the plenary hall of the Bavarian parliament. The hotel should originate as an outbuilding for already available good buildings.
The plans of the heirs of Thurn and Taxis could not be realised.

2006 acquired the Porsche AG the property to realise the project. In September, 2011 it stood again for the sales.

In summer, 2012 Elisabeth von Elmenau bought the castle with his outbuildings and the country. In beginning  2014 she will continue there not only her ecological agriculture, she also open the castle for holiday-makers and cultural events.

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