RinderElisabeth von Elmenau about appropriate

to the species keeping of pets:

During the BSE crisis, I decided to become self-sufficient – the meat I want to eat to gain independently – and got myself cattle, pigs and poultry.

This decision I have made less from the fear of a possible BSE infection, but rather from the knowledge, that BSE is a subsequent illness of the mass keeping of pets.

If one imagines, that in the UK alone over four million cattle were slaughtered within a period of about three years during the BSE crisis, gets the term factory farming even crueler importance.

Outdoor keeping of animals and the killing of animals in their normal environment by the process of ball shot (i.e. from a distance of 50 – 100 m) corresponds to my image of appropriate to the species keeping of livestock and more gentle killing. I save the transport to the slaughterhouse the animal thus, with it also the fear of the foreign surroundings and maybe also the consciousness, to be killed now.

Since 2010 was this method in the EU hygiene regulation (EG) No.. 853/2004 and their implementing national law the “Animal Food Hygiene Regulation” (TierLMHV) However prohibited. With the result, Animals that may be delivered to commercial food production alive only to slaughterhouses. This prohibition was aimed primarily at food companies to avoid, that already get dead animals in the food chain.

To my great joy can since November 2011 the procedure bullet shot extensively on pasture for cattle kept by Exemption by the Veterinary- be applied and district office again. The “First amending the Animal Food Hygiene Regulation” (TierLMHV) creates new opportunities for the production and marketing of holistic humanely produced meat.

I see this situation as a great opportunity for farmers, that the idea of “livestock welfare” with respect to the “last path” the animals want to think it through and have recognized, that there may be limited in mass quality.

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