Grassland and free range farm

Our agriculture is set up as a traditional farm, with a focus on agricultural animals. We only hold so many animals, as the grassland of Bullachberg can feed, and the animals are fed exclusively with farm-grown forage. We do not use animal feed like fish meal- or animal meal. We feed no antibiotics or other performance enhancers. Neither in breeding nor in feeding genetic engineering is used.

With 30 years of agricultural experience, mainly with horses and free range cattle, we value that every species has its position in harmony with nature.

In our barns the animals are held on straw, and there is no binding in the stables.

Our animals are saved from long transports, to prevent the usual stress and fear associated with the transport to the slaughterhouses. Elisabeth von Elmenau has obtained a special approval, which permits
the shooting of the animals on the pasture, to secure the least harmful form of slaughter.

Through our committments we want to create a consciousness for the problems of the mass
keeping of pets.

At Bullachberg we have found a way how high-quality meat can be produced while keeping healthy and
happy livestock.

Take part: rethink and carry our thoughts further!

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