Meat from happy cowsRinder

Most people, who eat with pleasure and a lot of meat, ignore how the meat comes to our plates.

Many people lack awareness for the fact, that the meat was once part of a living animal. And in most cases this animal was kept under cruel conditions such as mass keeping.

Those of us who are sensitised for this subject eat “bio-meat”. This label obtained by the state demands blind trust from the consumer and often conjures wrong impressions.

From the rising inquiry in bio-products from the side of consumer a new “biology-industrial branch” has emerged, which indeed offers products that have a state bio-label, but this doesn’t promise more than organic farming. The transport problems of the animals are often ignored completely with most bio-meat labeled products. To allow an end to life free of stress for the animals, the use of the ball shot procedure on the pasture offers a careful numbing and homicide to the animals at the origin company.

The increasing number of food scandals has generated a rising sensitivity for the quality of life for livestock. Farmers should recognise this development as a chance, follow the consumer trend and change on the extensive position-careful- and animal-careful homicide form in the origin company.

Our happy cows should be perceived as a model – and we urge imitation!

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